If you have an artist in mind, please check out their Instagram as most of our artists have a form of booking they prefer. If you need more information on booking with a specific artist, please feel free to call the shop to inquire.

If you do not have an artist in mind, you can call us or stop by the shop between 12pm-9pm to show us a reference photo as well as your desired size and placement. We can suggest the best artist for your project and direct you how to get in touch with them if they aren’t in shop that day.

In-person consultations are also available by request and we will definitely need one for larger work (sleeves, backs, etc.) and for any type of cover-up.

Every appointment for every artist requires a deposit. Your  deposit goes towards the cost of your tattoo but once it’s paid and your appointment is set, it is non-refundable. we do understand life happens, rescheduling is allowed twice only-after that you will lose the deposit.

We do! Every wednesday is walk-in wednesday. First come, first serve beginning at 12:00pm.

You can stop by to get an estimate on cost, put your name down on the list, and if we need some time to prepare for you, we’ll take a deposit to hang onto and apply to the cost of your tattoo.

Feel free to call first in case we’ve already booked the day out. If you arrive and we are full or if your idea needs some drawing time, we can help you schedule an appointment for our next availability (usually within the next week or so).

If you need to reschedule an appointment, we require 24 hours advance notice.

You MUST call us at the shop and leave a message if it’s outside of business hours. Reschedule requests made through e-mail or Instagram DM may not be seen by your artist and will not count as proper notice.

Failure to give at least 48 hour notice will result in you losing your deposit, meaning it won’t go towards the cost of your tattoo and you’ll need to put down another one to get back on the calendar. You may only reschedule an appointment twice. Additional reschedules will result in the loss of your deposit.

If you contact us at least 48 hours before your appointment, we will happily reschedule you (again, only twice!). For an outright cancellation with no reschedule, your deposit will not be refunded to you. We always seek to respect your time and efforts and ask that you do the same for us!

You will receive reminder notifications from our calendar system prior to your appointment. 

Yes! You can come pick one up at the shop or purchase one to be sent to the recipient at the link below.

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